Our Manifesto for 2024

Accessible & Inclusive

Our mission is to deliver a relevant, inclusive, and engaging conference experience for the RSE community, featuring a balanced and varied program that caters to all roles and skill levels. We are committed to creating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can fully participate and contribute, ensuring every attendee feels valued, respected, and empowered on our shared journey of learning and growth.


With a focus on celebrating achievements and showcasing impactful software in research, our conference aims to inspire attendees and foster a positive atmosphere. Through uplifting stories and recognition of accomplishments, we aim to leave participants feeling energised and optimistic about the future of research software engineering.

Outward facing

Embracing an outward-looking ethos, we seek to build bridges with diverse partners from across Academia, Industry, Government and Charties. Reflecting on a decade of growth, we are committed to exploring fresh perspectives, improving recognition and amplifying our influence on a global scale.

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