Community Discovery Day

Building stronger communities in research software

The third and final day of the conference will spotlight the society's ongoing efforts to unite communities through special interest groups (SIGs) and other community activities. This day will provide attendees with an opportunity to engage with new groups that share common interests, and gain insights into the value of collaboration, knowledge exchange and peer support when building communities of practice within areas of research software.

Through a series of informative and interactive sessions, participants will learn about the motivation behind the society's work to create new groups, the process of forming new groups, and ways to access funding for events and activities. The success and rapid growth of the RSE movement has been driven by the enthusiasm and inclusivity of its vibrant community. This final day of the conference will give an opportunity to explore emerging groups, and take a deeper dive into popular topics of shared interest. Whether you're seeking to deepen your involvement in existing communities, initiate a new group, or network with peers interested in related topics, this day will offer a platform for discovery, collaboration, and meaningful engagement.

More details of the Community Discovery Day will be posted soon.

Last Modified: 2024-06-14 16:21:53