Participation and Inclusion Fund

We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive conference, as we want to give as many RSEs as possible the opportunity to take part in RSECon24. To help enable this we have set up a Participation and Inclusion fund. The first priority of the fund is the provision of an online stream for participants who cannot come to Newcastle in person. The fund will also support bursaries to enable participants to attend the conference in-person who would not otherwise be able to.

If you have any other accessibility needs or suggestions on how to better enable participation and inclusion at our conference, please contact [email protected].

Our community members and sponsors can contribute to making our conference more inclusive by donating to the Participation and Inclusion fund. Every donation is gratefully received and donations are VAT exempt. Please use the link below if you would like to make a donation via credit or debit card. For donations from organisations, we can also arrange for these to be paid by purchase order / invoice. Please email [email protected] to arrange this.

We would like to list the names of our Participation and Inclusion donors on our website. Please let us know via [email protected] if you would like to stay anonymous.

Last Modified: 2024-07-08 01:58:39