A conference panel involves a group of experts discussing a specific topic or issue in front of an audience. This format offers diverse perspectives and insights through moderated discussion. Panels can explore different viewpoints, address complex issues, and stimulate dialogue among panellists and audience members.

Topics for the discussions should be broad, with a set of participants who can approach the topic from a range of perspectives. The discussion should be moderated by a chair, who will steer the event, ensure all participants are heard, and make sure that there is time to discuss all relevant aspects of the topic. It is expected that most panels will include some questions prepared by the chair and some taken from the audience, though it is up to you to decide how these are balanced.

Planning Your Submission

Panels focus on interactions and discussions between panellists. Compared to talks which should usually come to a conclusion within the available time, good panels frequently deal with issues too large to ever be fully encompassed in a finite time slot; the variety of experiences of the panellists gives a range of perspectives on the topic, and provides the starting point for conversations that can continue into coffee and lunch breaks. That said, panels should still aim to stay focussed on a topic that will likely be of interest to the wider Research Software Engineering community.

Topics of previous Panels include:

You are welcome to refer to these, and others in last year’s programme, for ideas on how to present your submissions. Please bear in mind that our conference themes change each year, and previous abstracts may not fully address the type of information requested during our submission process this year.

Information Required for Submission

When submitting your proposal for a Panel you should consider:

  • Title: Should describe what your submission is about (max 50 words)
  • Abstract: A brief and attention-grabbing summary of your submission. (max 250 words)
  • Prerequisites: Describe the required skills or knowledge for an attendee to fully engage with your submission.
    • Have you considered how accessible your session will be to a diverse conference audience (attendees comprise people from academia, industry, charity and government, from beginners to experts)? (max 150 words)
  • Outcomes: How will your attendees benefit from your session? What do you expect them to gain/learn? (max 150 words)
  • Accessibility: Please comment on how you will ensure your content is accessible, which may include referring to relevant sections of the conference’s accessibility guidance, as well as any other considerations. Some key pieces to consider are:
    • Visually, have you considered the colours chosen as well as the shape and size of graphics and fonts?
    • You can also use automated accessibility checking tools to help ensure that you haven’t missed anything.
  • Hybrid Delivery: How will you ensure that both remote and in-person participants have a comparable experience? Is there anything that might pose a challenge to streaming your proposal? We appreciate that you may not have fully-formed answers to these questions at this stage, but your responses will enable the organisers to support you in delivering a successful presentation.

You will also be asked to provide:

  • Author List: Please add all authors who will contribute to the submission
  • Panel Length (checkbox)
  • Research Software Development Principles: Please identify which principle(s) you think your submission aligns to. For clarification see information about these principles.(checklist)
  • In-person or Online Delivery (checklist)
  • Reviewing Submissions: We need help to review submissions. Would you be interested in learning more about becoming a reviewer? (checkbox)
  • Mentorship: If your submission is accepted, would you like a mentor?
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