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Emerging Voice Plenary

The Emerging Voice plenary at RSECon24 aims to provide a platform for newcomers and emerging voices within our community to share their story and vision on research software engineering. This initiative aims to showcase fresh perspectives, encourage new voices, promote role models and foster diversity of thought within our community. By providing this opportunity, we hope to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders in research software engineering.

The Emerging Voice speakers receive professional coaching for public speaking, and mentoring from RSE leaders, to help prepare for the conference. They will be asked to deliver a 10 minute talk, with 5 minutes for audience questions.

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Deborah Udoh

Registered Nurse & Research Software Engineer, Rivers State, Nigeria

Wed 4 Sept, 09:40am
G.41 (Main theatre)

Jack Atkinson

Senior Research Software Engineer, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Wed 4 Sept, 09:55am
G.41 (Main theatre)

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