RSE Worldwide

Opportunities to Strengthen the Global RSE Community

Research Software Engineering communities around the world continue to go from strength to strength. Recent years have seen the emergence of regional and national conferences and associations, with national and international RSE cooperation reaching new heights.

However, there are still many regions where RSEng is happening without structured support or established networks, and these RSEs could benefit from a connection with the global community. Specific regional and cultural context means that each community must find its own strengths and overcome its own challenges. Nevertheless, lessons learned and approaches taken in one community are likely to be valuable to others.

This session provides a platform for members of the diverse global community to meet, network, and share experiences and perspectives. Emerging communities can benefit from the experiences of more established networks, while longer-standing communities can better understand the international impact of RSEng.

The growing number of events dedicated to RSEng taking place around the world is an encouraging sign of the strength and ongoing success of the RSE movement, but carries the threat of a “siloing” effect as local and regional groups focus ever more inward. This session presents an opportunity to discuss how we – as members of the international RSE community – can foster strong, vibrant local communities while reaping the benefits of international coordination and cooperation.

Session 1: Wednesday 4th September 15:45-17:00 BST Time Zone Checker

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Session 2: Thursday 5th September 09:30-10:45 BST Time Zone Checker

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