Logo Usage

This policy exists to ensure consistent and appropriate use of the conference logo across all media and materials.

Logo Usage Guidelines

RSECon24 Logo
  • Use the logo exactly as shown above
  • Use the logo with its original colours
  • Maintain the aspect ratio of the logo
  • Provide adequate spacing around the logo
  • Place the logo on a solid background that provides sufficient contrast
  • Use the high-resolution logo files provided
  • Use our trademarks in a way which implies affiliation with or endorsement by the Society of Research Software Engineering or RSECon where this is not the case.
  • Display the logo more prominently than the name of the entity being referred to.
  • Use our logo on merchandise for sale or any other form of commercial use.
  • Modify, differently abbreviate or combine our trademarks with other elements.

The logo-pack.zip (363.0 kB) contains all available logo assets in SVG and PNG formats.


All uses of the conference logo must be approved by the Conference Committee. Submit a proof for review and approval before publication.


For any questions or approval requests regarding the use of the conference logo, please contact the Conference Committee at [email protected].